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Verdalselva is a sheltered and beautiful river in Verdal municipality. It is formed at the confluence of the rivers Inna, which comes from Innsvatnet at the Swedish border, and Helgåa, which comes from the mountain village Vera. Together they create one of the country's best salmon rivers for salmon fishing. Verdalselva is about 21 km long. If we include the tributaries Helgåa and Strådøla, the river's course is over 90 km. The total salmon-carrying part of the watercourse is about 50 km after Europe's largest salmon ladder was built in 1990 in Granfossen. The river has a catchment area of about 1,500 km². It responds quickly to snowmelt and precipitation. Such an increase in water level gives an immediate rise of biting fish, which gives you good opportunities for shiny freshly caught salmon. The salmon wanders up quickly without major obstacles before it meets Østnesfossen. Østnesfossen is the lower part of our beat, which has a total length of almost 250m. Here, there are always large quantities of salmon that gather strength before they start the jump against the flow. This part of the beat is also a very effective choice when the amount of water increases after periods of less water flow. The beat delivers more moderately on low water flow. There is an open sale of day passes for the lower part, but with a limit on the number of fishermen. Please contact us for more information regarding fishing licence. In the upper part of Austnes, the salmon is resting after the fight against the waterfall. The beat is very varied, with large rocks, deep pools, quiet areas and rapids. Here we also find the traditional Blåmelhølen. This pond is a pretty sure bet as it has been delivering big salmon for generations. Here you have both sides of the river at your disposal. The upper part works excellently at both low water level and high water level. At the legendary "Blåmelhølen" is also a cabin at your disposal. This is the area's only cottage, so here there are no neighbours. Those who rent the upper part of the beat have free access to the entire lower part of Austens, but the lower part is not exclusive. The upper part of Austnes is about 2000 meters and mostly on both sides of the river. There is therefore little counter-fishing. The beat is rented out exclusively, so here you will be alone in the hunt for the big salmon. Verdalselva delivers well every year, and it is not long ago that salmon weighing just under 20kg were caught here. As you can see, Austnes gives you the best conditions for catching. Now it's up to you to create memories for life. Welcome, tight lines and bent rods!

Tight Times! Ola - Signatur

Austnes waterfall now with live water flow at 56 m³/s

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Just 15 minutes from Østnesfossen's bouncing salmon you will find Rinnleiret. This is one of Trøndelag's longest beaches. Shallow and nice for both big and small.
Great stay at Austnes. Salmon on the fly that was tied in the cabin 40 min before!
Sigurd O. Engan