Austnes is in the middle of Norway and in the middle of the Norwegian history.
Here memories are created for life.

A very cozy campsite and a really fantastic salmon beat

In the middle of an eldorado for salmon fishing and in the middle of Norwegian history lies Østnes. With its proximity to Stiklestad, it is one of the best starting points for unforgettable experiences in history, nature and not the least culture for the whole family. Austnes is among the very best salmon beats not only in Verdalselva, but in the entire region. The beat delivers a number of real large-grown fish every single season. We at Austnes are ever so grateful for all the good feedback you give us. Therefore, we think the quote from the Jacobsen family from Bodø, is a nice headline for our website. You are all most welcome to a memorable experience of nature!

Signatur Ole Lerfald

Welcome to the realm of big salmon

Trøndelag has many of the best rivers for fishing for salmon in Norway. In the middle of this region you will find the peaceful Verdalselva and Østnes which give you a complete  experience of nature, real and without any stress or noise.

The beat is widely known for its large numbers of large salmon. It is at its very best from the start of the season until the end of July. August can also be good with slightly smaller fish but even then you can be lucky to know the forces of the big salmon. We are a very popular destination for foreign anglers. In Austnes, fishermen come from many different countries every year, several of whom have been regular guests for many years. We offer you some of the very best fishing in the region.

If there is a desire for a guide, this can be agreed for a supplement. Østnes is very suitable for fly fishing. 

Welcome to unforgettable days and nights in Trøndelag’s most intimate and beautiful salmon river. Maybe a beauty of over 20kg is waiting for you?

Kvinne holder fangst etter laksefiske i Verdalselva
Slaget ved Stiklestad

Stiklestad and the theatre

Austens is located on the ancient «King’s road» between the farm Suul and Stiklestad . Perhaps the king, St. Olav, admired the roaring stream on his way to his fate and meeting with the peasant army down at Stiklestad.

The Stiklestad play is about King Olav’s arrival at the farm Suul just a few days before he was killed in 1030. The play is performed in an open-air theater every summer during the Olsok days at Stiklestad National Cultural Center . The play was first staged in 1954. The lyrics are written by Olav Gullvåg, while the music is composed by Paul Okkenhaug. The play has received a number of awards and is seen by tens of thousands every year.

In the footsteps of St. Olav

Our proximity to Stiklestad makes us a natural choice for pilgrims walking the St. Olavsleden . This trail is the northernmost pilgrimage trail in the world, and stretches from the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, through Sweden and Norway. Østnes has three cabins that are suitable for pilgrims on their walk towards Nidaros Cathedral in  Trondheim .

Pilgrim i skogen på vei til Nidarosdomen

Do you deserve a little more?

Jernstekepanne med viltkjøtt
Book in advance

Home-cooked meal

If you wish, you can be served traditional food based on local ingredients. A memorable and social rounding off on a perfect day in the river.
Glad mann holder et tegnet bilde av laks
Unique agreement in Norway

Your salmon in glass and frame

We can offer our guests a very special offer. Through our partner network, you can get your big catch on the wall - and in the real size of the fish!
Book in advance

Airport/train pick up

If you arrive by plane, you can book a pick-up at Trondheim Airport. We will also drive you there again after your stay if you wish. The same applies if you come by train.
My dream became reality. A salmon over 35 lbs!
Marcus Harwood