Disinfection and conservation measures

Thank you so much for contributing to future generations of both fish and fishermen!

rules regarding disinfection for all users of Verdalselva.

Austnes Salmon Lodge of course offers disinfection for everyone. It is extremely important that our rules regarding disinfection are followed carefully by all users of Verdalselva.

Before starting any kind of fishing in the river, you must disinfect all the fishing equipment. This is important to avoid transmission of the deadly parasite Gyrodactylus salaris. Gyro dies in salt water, but can survive on wet fishing equipment (jackets, flies, canoes, lures, plastic bags, waders, etc.) for many days. It is therefore incredibly important that you as a responsible fisherman and everyone else who practices water sports in the Verdal River disinfect the equipment every time you change rivers.

With the growing number of diseases in the aquaculture industry, disinfection is more important than ever. The active ingredients in the disinfectant bag also kill other parasites and infectious substances that you may have come across, for example by fishing for escaped farmed salmon.

You are responsible for your equipment and infection you can bring with you so you need to keep this in mind:
  • Do not move fish between watercourses and rivers
  • Do not wash or gut fish anywhere other than where you caught them
  • Do not discharge water into watercourses other than where you collected it (water bottles, etc.)
  • Disinfect all fishing equipment before use

Boats, kayaks, canoes, floating mattresses and more must also be disinfected or completely dry before moving.
Along the Verdalselva river there are a number of disinfection stations. Here you can disinfect the fishing equipment (remember lure and fly boxes, nets and other things that have been in contact with water in other watercourses). The disinfection takes place with a preparation called Virkon-S in a 1% solution. This does not damage clothes or fishing equipment.

Verdalselva disinfection stations:
  • Austenes Salmon Lodge (camping area)
  • Vuku Bilsenter (kart)
  • Stiklestad Camping (kart)
  • VJFF Landfald (kart)
    Otherwise you can disinfect with several landowners.